Easy and healthy weekly menu to prepare with your children

The confinement due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is making it impossible for us to go out and do the shopping as many times as we used to do. And asking the neighbor if he can leave you some food is not an option either. This makes menu planning key when shopping. For this reason, we are going to give you some tips so that you can prepare a healthy menu in which your children can participate and have a great time.

As it happens to all of us, children, there are also foods that are difficult to eat. And, surprisingly to some, these foods don’t always have to be fruits and vegetables. In addition, for a child to accept a food it may be necessary that we offer it several times. Hence the importance of varying the type of presentation and the way of cooking food.

Now that we have a little more time, we can take the opportunity to dedicate part of this time to the kitchen. Remember that menu planning will also help you make a healthy purchase more efficiently. In this way you can have a forecast of the food you are going to consume throughout the week and make the purchase based on it, although there is always a space for improvisation.

How to plan a healthy children’s menu for your children

Some recommendations that you can take into account when planning a healthy children’s menu are:

  • In each main intake, both at lunch and dinner, follow the idea of ​​the plate . Include a proportion of protein, one of carbohydrates and another of vegetables to achieve balanced dishes.
  • The fruit and natural yogurts are the best choice for dessert . You can prepare a fruit salad or some skewers to make it more attractive.
  • A good habit for children to get used to eating greens and vegetables is to prepare a mixed salad to share . Try to take into account the preferences of the children when preparing salads. If you include vegetables that they like, they will be more likely to eat it. And, if they see that you also eat salad, you will be encouraging them to do so.
  • Many children tend to accept foods such as fish better if they go with some type of batter. Instead of frying it, you can prepare foods such as fish breaded but cooked in the oven . In this way, we will make it healthier.
  • To vary the presentation of food you can prepare hamburgers or meatballs , fish, legumes … It is important that they are homemade and that they are made with quality ingredients . Bear in mind that pieces of meat with more fat or less quality are often used to make this type of product.
  • It is important that you include  different sources of both animal protein such as fish, meat or eggs as well as vegetables such as legumes.
  • Include whole grains. If you prepare whole wheat pasta and you see that your child does not quite like it, you can try mixing it with refined flour pasta. It is possible that little by little, you will get used to the integral versions.

To make things easier for you, we propose an example healthy children’s menu so that the children can participate in the preparation of the dishes.

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